Shopping for clothes can turn into a very frustrating and overwhelming experience. How often have you wasted time and money looking for that “right” garment for a wedding, party, meeting, or business presentation? I can teach you how to properly start and end the shopping experience and expertly guide you to the results you’re looking for.

​Service details:

Interview: What are you looking for? Before going shopping together, I’ll send you a form that will help you frame your shopping needs and style desires and make sure that we’re on the same page.

Body Talk: Yes! We’re going to talk about your proportions and how to get the best out of them. I will give you trade tips on how to highlight your greatest assets and how to disguise your perceived problem areas.

The Tour: This is the fun part. We will tour at least three shops where I’ll select, mix, and match garments and outfits especially for you.

Are you ready to shake up your ideas about what looks good on you? I’m here to help you get out of the rut and onto the track you want to be on.

​Cost: 150 CHF per person (Max. 3 people)

Language: English and Spanish

Time: 3 hours