Do you ever look in the closet and think that you have nothing to wear? I am here to help create a closet that works for you 24/7. You will be amazed at how many unworn outfits are already waiting for you!

Service Details:

Online Interview: This is where we talk about your lifestyle needs, professional activities, style desires, and fashion wants.

Wardrobe Makeover: My passion is in re-using and re-purposing the things you already own. Using your existing garments and accessories, I can offer fresh ideas, new combos, and exciting style suggestions. I’ll photograph each look so you can refer back to it later!

Clean It Out!: What about the items you really don’t need anymore? I will help you organize two bags: one to donate and one to sell in the second-hand market.

What’s Missing?: You’ll receive a detailed list of things that will complete your wardrobe. Voila! Something to wear in every situation.

Cost: 300 CHF
(A deposit of 100 CHF is requested upon booking to secure the appointment.)

Language: English and Spanish

Time: 3 hours


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