Sustainability for Everyone:

This is a workshop that focuses on giving  you practical tools for applying sustainability principles to your daily life. 


Have you ever been interested in sustainability, but you don't really understand what it means and how it can add value to your life? Guess what? You’re not alone!

 You can contribute to the world or your community without changing your entire routine or becoming an environmental activist.

This workshop will give you the clear vision and actionable tools that you’re looking for to drive a more sustainable lifestyle.  We’ll go over all the ins and outs of  food, fashion and waste. Sign up as a family or as a group and enjoy three hours of eye-opening activities that will change the way you think and live – every day!

Cost: 120 CHF per adult
50 CHF  for children age 11-18 (free under 10) 

Language: English and Spanish

Time: 3 hours

Available Sundays.

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