Personal Styling

Have you dreamed of a personal image that truly reflects you? One that takes into account your personality, your style desires, the clothes you already own, and your lifestyle? 

It’s possible to combine all these unique parts of yourself, shake them up like a cocktail, and pour out a delicious, bombastic YOU!

Service Details: 

Online Interview: Tell me everything! What do you do during the day? Who are your fashion icons? What is the image you want to project? This process helps clarify your style needs and desires.  

Wardrobe Review: You would never guess how many unworn outfits are already hanging in your closet. Using your existing garments and accessories, I can offer fresh ideas, new combos, and exciting style suggestions. I’ll photograph each look so you can refer back to it later!

Body Talk: Yes! We will talk about your proportions and how to get your best out of them. Have any body gripes? Let’s find some solutions! I will give you trade tips on how to best highlight and promote your greatest assets and disguise your perceived problem areas.

Accompanied Shopping Tour: This personalized shopping trip will help you learn to shop according to your own professional and lifestyle goals, and you’ll gain the confidence to shop with an eye for what really matters to you. I will be there to provide honest and constructive feedback and to spot which fashion cuts and silhouettes best complement your figure. Note that there is no necessity of purchasing any items on our shopping tour. The goal is to practice incorporating the guidelines we have discussed during our consultations.

Cost: 500 CHF  

(A deposit of 100 CHF is requested upon booking to secure the date.)

Languages: English and Spanish

Time: 5 hours 

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