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Bring back to life your broken clothing

The Grandma corner workshop is here and you and your plus are very welcome. 

This workshop its about learn how to repair your broken clothes and get stylist insides by the hand of expert volunteers, grand mothers, a fashion stylist consultant and Bernina. We came together to create a free meeting place during the Fashion Revolution Week,  join us next 28th of Abril in Zürich at the The Impact Hub at the former EWZ Kraftwerk Selnau.

There’re lot of special ingredients on this workshop, It’s just fascinating be there and experience the powerful atmosphere created by every repairing process; participants, grandmas and sponsors committed with one single mission, repair something that matters for someone else, bring to life again a pair of jeans that someone else love, I mean, how cool it is!!

All this sewing teaching is possible thanks to Bernina, that’s why I’m proud to share with you this video where you can see how they commit with customers, employees and environment from the momment cero. watch this out!


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